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New York Post

Yoel Weisshaus lives in a small apartment above a dance studio, where the sound of canned music and tap shoes float up through the thin floor.

So call Yoel Weisshaus a hero for the common man. Or an example of democracy in action. Or just a fool who is wasting his time. But be aware the Port Authority calls him something else entirely: a toll cheat. “Mr. Weisshaus has a good deal of chutzpah to sue the Port Authority over its recent toll increase, given that our violation records show he owes the agency more than $400 in unpaid tolls and fees,” the Port Authority said in a prepared statement in response to an inquiry about Weisshaus. “It is unfortunate that drivers like Mr. Weisshaus failed to pay the Port Authority more than $14 million in collective tolls in 2010 and 2009 alone, hurting the agency’s revenue stream.”

The Record

New Milford man files federal lawsuit against Port Authority in wake of toll hikes

NEW YORK — Adding his voice to those who question the legality of a Port Authority toll hike that took effect Sunday, a New Milford man has filed a federal lawsuit to block the increase. Yoel Weisshaus says the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey failed to provide sufficient notice of public hearings and should have posted notices at toll plazas advertising public hearings held on Aug. 16.

Black Star News

[New Jersey]A New Jersey resident has filed a lawsuit in Federal Court in Manhattan claiming that a recent toll hike by the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey unfairly targets minimum wage earners and prevents them from exercising their right to travel freely.In a 21-page Complaint filed Monday, September 19, 2011, Yoel Weisshaus is seeking declaratory relief charging the Port Authority with "abuse of power and invasion of fundamental rights by increasing toll prices" without giving the public adequate time to comment. Weisshaus wants the court to declare that further increases of toll prices should be approved by the New York and New Jersey legislators prior to its enactment. The agency’s board of commissioners approved the toll hike on bridges, tunnels, and the PATH by a 9 to 0 vote; all are appointees of the governor of each state.The car tolls hiked 50% to $12 from $8 in September.


New Jersey resident sues the Port Authority over toll hikes

(CNN) -- A New Jersey resident filed a complaint in federal court over toll increases at New York City bridges and tunnels, alleging they constitute an abuse of power that violate his rights by unfairly targeting poor commuters. Yoel Weisshaus, 30, said he filed his civil complaint with the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York on Monday and is representing......

He says the toll increase placed undue financial burden on him since he visits with his elderly grand parents in Brooklyn "several times a week."

Alleging 'abuse of power,' New Milford man challenges Port Authority toll hikes in court

Even before the recent toll increase, Yoel Weisshaus of New Milford says he could not afford to drive across the Hudson River. So sometimes he simply didn’t pay. Now Weisshaus is suing the Port Authority over its recent toll hikes in federal court, alleging an “abuse of power” and discrimination because he is poor.

Star Ledger

Yoel on The Core for Rutgers University 90.3 radio

   April 2012

To Yoel: “You don’t need a lawyer, you are better than many lawyers.”

Honorable Kevin Patrick Kelly

New Milford Boro Municipal Court

(November 5, 2014)