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Yoel Weisshaus’ prolific writing and legal pleadings over the last decade have advocated on behalf of imperative liberty causes.  Most notable is his high profile 2011 lawsuit against the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, to prohibit the Port Authority from increasing tolls without New York and New Jersey Legislature approval.  The case drew both local and national media attention, including i.e. CNN, Fox Business News, and New York Post, propelling the issue into public debate.
On his calling, two bills were introduced in the 214th New Jersey Legislature (s3151 and 3152 in the Senate; A4318 and A4319 in the Assembly) successfully requiring Legislature review and approval before increasing toll prices.  Nine days later the Automobile Association (AAA) filed a lawsuit, taking on the Port Authority over the toll prices.  Subsequently, the Democratic members of the Legislature adopted the very same idea, and have since passed a number of bills addressing the Port Authority’s toll prices; including requiring approval of the Port Authority minutes.
He will receive a Bachelor in English from Caldwell University in 2015 and he will receive an A.S. in Applied Liberal Arts from Bergen Community College in 2014.  During his student career, he was nominated twice by the Student Government Association to serve as a member on College Council as the student representative.  He was also asked by the college’s president to serve on the President’s Child Development Advisory Committee, and the faculty drafted him to serve on the Faculty Senate Task Force to the Child Development Center.  In 2011, the students nominated and elected him to the County Wide Presidential Search Committee.  He also served two terms as the college’s representative on the Student Advisory Committee of the Higher Education Student Assistance Authority of the State of New Jersey.
He had privilege of assisting many rabbis including Grand Rabbi A.Y. Isaac Horowitz of Congregation Toldos Tzvi D’spinka and Grand Rabbi Yashya Labin of Congregation Atares Tzvi D’Zidichov.  He worked closely with the late Grand Rabbi Naftali Labin of Ateres Tzvi D’Zidichov.  His works included recording lectures and memoirs to preserve for future generations.  Currently, he works closely with the Grand Rabbi Chaim A. Wassretheil, the Riminove Rebbe of Brooklyn.
He is a member of the Union of Rabbis, and is involved with the Union of Holocaust Survivors advocating for Holocaust reparations.  In 2007, he was awarded the Young Leadership award for his leadership in adult Jewish education by the Jewish Learning Experience of Bergen County NJ. 
In 2013, he became the Chasidic face as the model for American Apparel, which was applauded in the Jewish communities for breaking stereotypes surrounding Chasidic Jews. 
Ideologically, he refuses to take any position that would require an oath of office to the Constitution of the United States or a pledge of allegiance.  His reasoning is that the Constitution, as-applied in our daily lives, fails to protect individual liberty, by giving immunity to despicable and incompetent government behavior.

Port Authority of New York and New Jersey:

Mr. Weisshaus has a good deal of chutzpah to sue the Port Authority over its recent toll increase.

(New York Post)